A suite of online applications
to create new generation e-learning content




Arketiks Motion

Interactive videos creation for everyone

Arketiks Motion lets you create interactive content from simple videos. Enrich and complete your training video with interactive content.

Facilitate the memorization of your learners

As demonstrated by many studies, interactivity facilitates content memorization.

Deepen the notions taught

Arketiks Motion lets you add content of your choice to your training videos.

Be autonomous and gain productivity

Arketiks does not require any hands-on training. Its modular functions give you all the necessary tools to create and publish your training

Arketiks Quiz

Test the achievements of your learners

Arketiks Quiz allows you to create SCORM questionnaires to validate the knowledge of your learners.

In a few clicks, customize the interface of your questionnaires and create simple or multiple choice questions.

Custom quizzes to your image

Customize the look and logic of your quizzes, to match your graphic charter.

Different question types

Choose the type of question that is best suited to validate what your learners have learned.

Consolidate the results with SCORM

The SCORM standard allows you to consolidate the results of quiz responses with Arketiks Learn or any other SCORM platform.

Arketiks Learn

The turnkey learning platform

Arketiks Learn is a learning management system. With the latter, you can publish your trainings and follow the course of your learners in real time.

Edit your training courses

In a few clicks, you create and publish your training courses

Manage your learners’ access

Manage access to your training programs individually and in groups of users.

Measure the success of learners

Measure the impact of your training programs and validate the learning of your learners in real time.

A simple price per user policy

Benefit from 3 software while paying for one!
Our price simulator per users insures adapted costs for each company size.

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